Feed mill

The Scheme has embarked on large scale production of poultry and poultry products to supplement the Government’s effort at meeting the protein needs of our people.  In Accra, the Papao farm project and Nungua farm project are two of our projects that have embarked on large scale poultry farming.  One of the key ingredients in a successful running of a poultry project is access to the relevant feed needed in right proportion and timely.  Most adventures of this nature tend to look for a reliable source of poultry feed.  Over the years poultry feed has become our main cost center.  In view of the fact that we intend to increase our production levels there is the need to find a reliable source of feed to our projects.  The purpose of this proposal is to enable the Scheme acquire a Feed Mill since the other needed items would be handled when the Mill is fixed.

The feed mill is one of the cost cutting ventures that the scheme is embarking to produce feed on a large scale for its poultry and livestock industry and the general public to generate income.

Rich soya based feed is earmarked for the unit to augment the protein needs of the animals.