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 Location: Nungua  Produce: Pig, Turkey, Rabbit etc  Capacity: N/A acres

The Nungua Livestock Farm is located off the Tema Motorway and near Mmai Dzor  in the Ministry of Food and Agriculture Livestock Farm. The Ministry has given out 5 pens for the NSS Nungua Livestock Project. The project produces layers, broilers, turkeys, guinea fowls, goat, sheep, ostriches, rabbits etc.

The project has a 40–footer cold store and a mini meat processor that processes various meat into sausages and other products for sale to hotels, supermarkets and the general public.  The farm also produces an average of 130 crates of eggs a day for sale to the general public. The farm has a 40 footer Cold store and 1 Mini Meat Processor. The farm has the potential to produce 50,000 birds annually and 350 crates of eggs daily if right management practices are taken and adequate.

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