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 Location: University of Ghana  Produce: fish, pigs, rabbits  Capacity: N/A acres

Located on the western foot hills of the University of Ghana, near the Papao community in the national capital, Accra in the Greater Accra Region is the premier 11 acres Papao Demonstration Farm established in 1986. The Papao Demonstration Farm represents a fully integrated farming operation that comprises of crop, fish and Livestock production. The farm, which has become a valuable and a practical training ground for graduates from various Agricultural Institutes, also has five acres of plantain and ten acres of mango plantation.

The Farm has 3 pounds for fish production, Poultry section that can produce 3000 broilers and 3000 layers producing about 45 crates of eggs daily, a piggery that has 251 pigs, rabbitory with 182 rabbits, 3 acre mango and coconut plantation vegetable farm and snail production section. The farm has a livestock feed mill for the production of poultry and animal feed. Adjacent the farm is the NSS Manufacturing unit and the skills training block. The farm has 1 Feed Miller, 1Mini Tractor and accessories, 1 Nissan Pick-up, 1 Dyna 5-Tonner Truck.
The farm has the potential to produce 3,000 birds, 50 pigs and 100 rabbits annually if right management practices are taken and adequate resources provided at the right time.

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