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Errors on e-zwich numbers

The Management of National Service Scheme wishes to inform all national service personnel, especially those who have not yet received their January and February, 2015 allowances, that the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GHIPSS) has identified a number of errors in the e-Zwich numbers and names of national service personnel on its system.
Lists of all such errors have been forwarded to the Regional and District Secretariats of the Scheme for verification and necessary corrections.

All affected National Service Personnel are kindly advised to contact the various District Secretariats of the Scheme to ensure that accurate information concerning their e-Zwich numbers, names and places of posting are provided for immediate corrections.
Please note that those who fail to get their wrong information corrected would continue to have the computerized system reject their names and thus, they would not be paid allowances for as long their errors are not corrected.

Verification, Audit and Validation Procedures for Payment of NSP Monthly Allowances

The information below specifies the processes of verification, auditing, authentication, and validation undertaken in the context of the shift to paying National Service Personnel (NSP) allowances through the e-zwich platform, which began in January 2015.

The overriding purposes of this processes is to ensure that allowances are paid to only personnel who Supervisors at their Under Agencies and respective District Directors can testify were at work in the paying month.

Prior to the payment of allowances:

1. All national service personnel at duty post submit to NSS District officers a Monthly Duty Reporting Form duly signed by their supervisors and validated by the NSS District Directors.

2. District Directors prepare pay vouchers for all national service personnel at post in their districts and forward them together with the Monthly Duty Reporting form to the NSS Regional Officers.

3. Once the documents are received at the regional offices, NSS Regional Directors are expected to review and send all the pay vouchers to the Regional Audit for auditing and validation.




The ministry has received a letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integrated which announces the allocation of sixteen (16) scholarships for Ghanaian students to pursue higher studies in India under the African Scholarship Scheme for the 2015-2016 academic years.(Please find attached copy of the letter and its attachment).

Interested staff can visit the following links www.iccrindia.net/Dear_Applicant1.pdf or www.indiahc-ghana.com for more details.

The deadline for applications to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration is 15th January, 2015.

get inspired

Barimayena is farming community in the Atwima Mponua District of the Ashanti Region that has benefitted immensely from the National Service Scheme. It was in this remote community that a young volunteer initiated a journey that promised to leave footprints in the sands of the history of the community..